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Malice & Greed İndir Yükle
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Malice & Greed is a roguelite RPG where you force enemies to join your team, sell them to the Shady Smuggler, and Butcher them to steal their skills! Play as any enemy you can find, and combine their skills & passive effects to build powerful combos! Discover new ways to play each run, and customize your team with items, passive skills, upgrades, and more, as you Ascend to Nirvana!

Kill, Butcher, & Abduct

  • Force enemies to join you!
    Abduct enemies to make them fight for you, including the most powerful bosses!

  • Steal their Skills!
    Butcher your foes to steal their skills for yourself!

  • Trade the ones you don’t want!
    Buy items from the Shady Smuggler by selling unwanted party members!

  • Punish Their Weakness!
    Hit the enemy weakness to gain extra turns, doubling the amount of skills you can use! Summon your 4 backup allies in the middle of combat to change your plan on the fly!

  • Influence the World!
    Each area has it’s own set of bonuses, giving you more choices on how to play!

Something New Every Run!

  • Use over 400 skills and 80 items to customize how you play!
  • Trade your "Allies" – Your party members are your currency!
  • Force over 20 bosses and 70 enemies to join your team – Each with 5 different versions to choose from!
  • Combine 3 of 12 super-powered upgrades to build your own class each run!

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