MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2018 Steam Edition İndir Yükle

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2018 Steam Edition İndir Yükle
30 Eylül 2017 tarihinde eklendi, 600 kez okundu.

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Enhance your PC’s performance – and your creativity too.

Access an optimized, more up-to-date system with PC Check & Tuning 2018. The software’s improved program interface provides you with a better system overview. It also includes new features such as intelligent autopilot and new options for optimizing your PC directly from the start menu.

For a PC that’s:

Faster. Only the services you need remain active. Unnecessary services or unused programs are automatically stopped. Games and other applications run much more smoothly as a result.
More stable. Optimizes your system so you can give your game the highest priority. Steam keeps you up-to-date with gaming – and PC Check & Tuning 2018 automatically keeps your computer up-to-date.
With more space. Free up a ton of space. The program recognizes large files that are no longer needed and lets you delete them straight away. Create space on hard disks and SSDs for your most important files.


  • High Speed mode
    Whether used for virtual reality, streaming or 4K video editing, High Speed mode deactivates unused services so you can get power where you need it most. Fully automatic or customized to your exact needs.
  • Automatic software updates
    Does all the work so you can concentrate on what’s important. PC Check & Tuning 2018 finds, uploads and automatically installs the latest driver and software updates for you.
  • Cleaning
    Track down large files that are no longer required and remove them safely. Delete your Internet traces and use additional features such as registry cleaning and defragmentation.

New in this version:

New program layout
Redesigned with a clear new layout. Tons of control elements have been simplified and give you direct feedback. It’s a more streamlined user experience than ever before.
Systems reports
Tell you after each optimization how much disk space and RAM has been freed up, and your new, improved start time. The program will inform you when files are changed. You have full control and can undo changes if you want.
Intelligent Autopilot
Keep an eye on your PC performance at all times. Optimizes everything to your needs – unnecessary services are removed and Windows startup checked. If driver and software updates are available the program will upload and install them for you.
Optimize faster
Access functions directly from the Windows startup menu without the need for a separate program startup. The most important optimizations are displayed directly after program start in the main program interface.

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