Maggie’s Apartment İndir Yükle

Maggie’s Apartment İndir Yükle
28 Ağustos 2017 tarihinde eklendi, 457 kez okundu.

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Locked in her one-room apartment, Maggie Mallowne must uncover the mysterious celebrity conspiracies of the outside world by talking to her neighbors through her apartment walls.

Who is this squishy marshmallow girl? Why is she locked in? Does she have chocolate or strawberry filling? Only Maggie can answer these questions for certain, but it’s up to you to ask her why, when and how.

Maggie’s Apartment is a “one-room” point and click game centered on Maggie’s mysterious involvement with superstar Randy Rosebud. Fully voice acted and animated, Maggie’s Apartment is heavily built on dialogue accompanied by unique animations that match actions and item combinations. As you investigate, you’ll use Maggie to meet plenty of wild personalities like Mrs. Marinara, Hector Cheese, and Beauty the radish. Maggie doesn’t mind being locked in all alone, but maybe you will. Pointing and clicking, chewing and swallowing, dragging and dropping, and living and breathing are all things you will have the pleasure to experience in the company of Maggie’s Apartment.

Purchase includes an 8-song soundtrack featuring some of Randy Rosebud’s greatest hits… and more!

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