Magellania İndir Yükle

Magellania İndir Yükle
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After the rulers of the other planets turn down his birthday invitations, Prince Lofty of Pluto decides to invade their kingdoms and force them to attend.

  • Travel the Solar System reimagined in a new light. Visit planets and collect CDs to change the BGM for certain scenarios.
  • Assemble a team from a diverse selection of classes. Defeat enemy factions to unlock their color palettes for recruitment.
  • Experiment with different badge effects and varying setups.
  • Aggressive turn-based combat featuring a damage-boosting combo system and action commands.
  • Most of the game’s badge drops are randomized. The main campaign can be played multiple times with different team comps and badge setups.
  • Take on the extensive postgame after the main campaign.

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