Luxin Time İndir Yükle

Luxin Time İndir Yükle
18 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 56 kez okundu.

Bu Oyun Hakkında

Luxin Time – A virtual reality game set in minimalist sci-fi environment where you can shoot down or slice up countless drones, defend portals from the robot terrors, or just practice becoming one with your laser blade.

Modes include:
Blade Training – Deflect waves of laser beams with only one laser blade.
Bot Chop – Chop up or shoot deactivated drones that are hurled towards you while avoiding friendly drones.
Guardian – Defend a portal from waves of drones, keep in mind it hurts when a drone flies into your face.

Other Features:
Compete with friends and other players on leaderboards set for each mode.
9 Blade colors and laser beam colors to choose from.
Time slows down when laser beams get too close but this has a cooldown so dodge wisely.

Sistem Gereksinimleri


    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
    • İşlemci: Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater
    • Bellek: 8 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: Nvidia GeForce GTX970, or AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or greater
    • Depolama: 350 MB kullanılabilir alan

    • İşletim Sistemi: Windows 10
    • İşlemci: Intel i7 5820k equivalent or greater
    • Bellek: 16 MB RAM
    • Ekran Kartı: Geforce GTX1060, or AMD Radeon R9 380 equivalent or greater
    • Depolama: 350 MB kullanılabilir alan
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