Luminos İndir Yükle

Luminos İndir Yükle
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* THE STORY: The colours have vanished from Lumi’s world. No world can exist without the colours that let it come to life and bring joy and happiness to the hearts of its inhabitants. An important quest awaits you – make your way through levels set out in a variety of wonderful sceneries and restore what has been lost! Let the journey begin!

* THE GAMEPLAY: Jump, collect sparks, destroy obstacles and look out for the Magic Mists, which will appear deadly anytime you forget to switch to the right color. The ever-growing speed will make the challenge more intense with every second, testing both your reflexes and precision.

THE ENDLESS MODE: Finish all the campaign levels and you will unlock the ultimate Endless Mode. Choose the configurations of music and scenery you like the most and take pleasure in losing yourself in this energizing pace and beating your own score again and again!

THE OLD-STYLE MULTIPLAYER 😉 You feel you can’t manage jumping, charging and switching colors all by yourself, or you just want to share the fun? Invite a friend to sit side by side and divide the tasks between the two of you.

THE AUTHORS: Just 3 girls. New to C#, Unity and computer graphics, they took care of all the coding, designing and vector graphics creation all by themselves, with a completely non-existing budget. Check what happens when girls get tired of boring office work or school and decide to create a video game from scratch!

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