Loops of Zen İndir Yükle

Loops of Zen İndir Yükle
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Enjoy the calming atmosphere of zen gardens while solving entangled puzzles to connect fragmented paths.
Loops of Zen is simple to learn, yet difficult to put down. Rotate scattered tiles to reconnect broken paths and complete the loops.
Tiles are randomly generated and grow in number and complexity as sets are completed.

Play at your own pace. Zen mode is the classic game created by Dr. Arend Hintze. Leaving your mind to focus only on the puzzles themselves, this mode is perfect for meditation and learning the game.
Race against the clock in Timed to test the speed of your loop solving skills or jump into Enlightened mode for the largest and most complex tangles.

Intuitive gameplay – Tap tiles to rotate into completed loops.
Pleasant ambience – Beautiful levels with flora, fauna, and relaxing music.
Infinite puzzles – Randomly generated tile sets offer new puzzles each with their own solutions.

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Mac OS X

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