Lizard İndir Yükle

Lizard İndir Yükle
28 Kasım 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 7 kez okundu.

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Put on a lizard and go for an adventure!

Choose your lizard carefully. You can find six different ones scattered across the land, each with its own special ability.

You’ll need these abilities as you make your difficult journey through many dangerous places. Carefully hop your way to the top of an active volcano. Surf down a surging river. Swim an underwater lake. Ascend a snowy mountaintop. What kind of strange creatures will you meet? Can you unravel the mysteries of Lizard?

Lizard is an original game for the NES, presented here on various Steam supported platforms. If you’re looking for the NES cartridge, please visit the website.

Content advisory:

  • Tricky platforming gameplay. There is an "easy" mode but many find it difficult.
  • Coin currency that is of dubious value.
  • Too small for details tiny pixelated nudity.
  • Spooky skeletons.
  • Strange concept of death that may not reflect reality.
  • An obscure tobacco reference?
  • A mug of coffee somewhere.
  • You’ll get lost.

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SteamOS + Linux

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