Little Black Book Games Serisi İndir Yükle

Little Black Book Games Serisi İndir Yükle
5 Eylül 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 4 kez okundu.

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Two DLC unlocking methods:

1. Click to download DLC
2. Press "Win + R" to input:
Press enter to download the free DLC

Ingmar Gustafson, an alcoholic nihilist that spends all his time at an Irish pub in Newton, doesn’t paint the typical picture of a successful man. But don’t let looks deceive you; this unassuming Swede happens to be the best private detective in all of Boston.

When the beautiful heiress to the massive Svardfisk Corporation goes missing under mysterious circumstances, it falls on this dauntless detective to don his trench coat once more and go in search for her.

A tale of treachery, beauty and passion, don’t miss the first installment in the New England Detective series.

  • A gripping and mysterious story
  • Beautiful anime style art and characters
  • Charming jazz soundtrack
  • Femme Fatales at every corner

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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