Lingering Fragrance İndir Yükle

Lingering Fragrance İndir Yükle
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  • This is the last trip
    —–Our graduation trip
    It is a short visual novel contains three story lines,
    after main story the other two will be unlocked.
    Which one is your side of story?


  • In this world
    To be a more useful person to society
    High school students need more education after graduation
    It makes the brain strengthen
    But it makes us lose most of the memory.
  • In order not to lose each other
    We want to made memories
  • Go for a walk and play together
    Together with a hot spring, climbing a high tower
    To see the rising fireworks for the leader
  • We are looking for happiness
    Or just to escape the pain?
  • To give up her memory?
    Or for her to endure everything?

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