Legion’s Crawl İndir Yükle

Legion’s Crawl İndir Yükle
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Descend the dungeon and slay the evil!

Legion’s Crawl is a combination of classic roguelike principle and modern 3D environment with intuitive GUI. Choose your hero and difficulty, keep moving forward until you meet the last boss. But, with randomly generated dungeons and your choices of player build, there are infinite ways to win …and lose. Test your planning skill and adaptability to the limit, or just choose the easiest difficulty and enjoy the walk. You decide how you enjoy this game.

Key Features:

  • Classic roguelike experience. A turn-based dungeon crawler, inventory management, character building, eating, resting, and so on.
  • Comprehensible 3D environment and graphical user interface. You are not going to see teleporting static sprites. No more "shift+alt+T than Ctrl+0-9 to throw".
  • Vast character build possibility with 21 skillpaths and over 100 skills. Combat, magic, craft, cooking, stealth… and more!
  • 6 heroes with the unique game rule for each.
  • 5 difficulty levels. Do you just want to win? Need to test something? Looking for a challenge? You decide how you enjoy!
  • Nothing is locked behind the time wall. No upgrades to purchase, no better heroes to unlock. 100% experience from a first run, fair chance and fair balance. The game becomes easier only when you learn.
  • No forced prologue. A tutorial is optional. Get to the action immediately!
  • 27 Achievements!

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