Legend of Chilli Tree İndir Yükle

Legend of Chilli Tree İndir Yükle
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– Combos, jumps and tricks – no fight is the same!
– Repugnancers. Furious and cunning enemies.
– Special Chilli Weapons!
– Interesting locations inspired by real places.
– Saving food flavours for the whole world!

Delve into the skin of Kim, Oriental warrior on the mission of his lifetime: Bringing back all the food flavours, stolen by the Repugnancers. In order to do that, the mythic Chilli Tree with the most spicy peppers in the world, must be summoned.

Once upon a time… far East… the meals were spicy and people happy…but then came the Repugnancers, stole all the food flavours and condemned all meals to become barren and unsavoury.

For Kim, the chilli peppers-kiosk owner, this is literally a disaster. After his granddad, he inherited the strange story of magic Chilli Tree and samurai suit. Now is a time to put both in a good use.

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