KOPICS İndir Yükle

KOPICS İndir Yükle
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KOPICS is a dress-up game.
You can easily create your own illustrations by selecting and combining various items like a puzzle.

*Assets and illustrations are not included in the software.

Dress Up Game Maker

The biggest feature of KOPICS is that you can create your own dress-up data and share it with other users.

Enjoy dressing up your characters with KOPICS!


Home Screen

  • Community features to share assets

Player Mode

  • Create illustrations by intuitive mouse operation
  • Export images in JPG and PNG format
  • Export images in various sizes
  • Create illustrations with the Random generation feature
  • Text input feature
  • Post images to SNS
  • Set images as the wallpaper

Creator Mode

  • Easy to create assets with the simple image import features
  • PSD, JPG, PNG images can be imported
  • Categorize items automatically when importing PSD layer images
  • Upload assets to Workshop
  • Sell assets on the Steam Item Store
  • Edit Illustrations (adjust size and position)


  • Simple tutorial
  • Detailed user manual

Expansion Pack

KOPICS can load up to five assets.
If you purchase expansion pack, you can import assets without limitation.


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