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Escape by means of "Voice"!
The second installment of the new feeling puzzle and escape game!

You are being held in a room that you haven’t been to before.
The only thing you can do is using telephone to ask for hint from a cooperator.
You must cooperate with a girl by the life string — "Voice Call" to solve puzzles.

Live or die, now the game has begun.

◆Voice dialogue with over 1,000 words◆
◆4 alternate endings◆
◆Over 2 hours for clear◆
◆Standard suspense story◆
◆game with stages&hint function◆

How to Play
You can’t move around,
but a girl who you are connecting by phone call can explore in the construction for you.

Triggers and puzzles will be in the girl’s way.
You have to solve puzzles according to "the girl’s situation" reported form the girl’s phone call till you succeed in escaping.

Situation Statement
The girl will tell you "her current situation" by the phone call.
This must be the key information to solve puzzles。

If you call the girl, sometimes you can get new information.
Try calling her when you want to tell her something or want to confirm something.

Net Search
You can’t ask help from outside,
but you are still allowed to access the internet.
If you search with the words whcih you heard from the girl,
maybe you will get some clue.

※About half and 2 hours to clear all 13 stages and one of the ends。
※For more sense of presence and realism, using earphone is recommended;
※Basically, horror element is not contained in this game, but maybe some different players will feel horror.

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