Kirchhoff’s Revenge İndir Yükle

Kirchhoff’s Revenge İndir Yükle
8 Ekim 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 36 kez okundu.

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Gustav Kirchhoff is annoyed because nobody appreciates his circuit laws! You get transported to his secret lair and won’t be able to get out until you show mastery!

The first-person game "Kirchhoff’s Revenge" teaches the basic concepts of electrical circuits; players need to solve puzzles by assembling macroscopic circuit elements such as batteries, light bulbs, wires, volt meters, and ampere meters. These circuit elements snap together into functional, three-dimensional structures. Moving "charges" are indicated, so as opposed to real circuit elements, currents are visible. Puzzles increase in difficulty and complexity, while side rooms and pre-assembled circuits offer opportunities to learn new concepts.

Game play is strictly based on solving puzzles, there are no dexterity or timed challenges. Once players succeed, they actually get a Schwarzwälderkirschtorte, which they may dispose off as they see fit. The cake is not a lie.

The game has been used in physics courses at the high school and introductory college level, and it is now made available as Early Access to the wider community.

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Mac OS X

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