King of Dragon Balls İndir Yükle

King of Dragon Balls İndir Yükle
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I`m the witness of those events. I saw how empires fall apart and ambitious turn to ashes.
I saw how mighty army’s engaged in battles, and how rye fields ear on the blood of the fallen.
I saw it all. And I`m waited knowing what someday a hero will come to me.
The hero who destined to find the Princess to become the King and succeed the throne!

To move press the "WASD" keys, and to fight push "F".
You will need all your patience to defeat the sceletons horde!
Challenge yourself to gain victory!
Find the ancient artifact and become the legend!
And finally – save the Princess.Be the King!

Tiny game in the Hack and Slash genre.
Humorous plot.
Simple control.
3 magic schools.
Sceletons horde and final boss – a mighty dragon.

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