KAKUSANKIBOU / 扩散希望 İndir Yükle

KAKUSANKIBOU / 扩散希望 İndir Yükle
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You will die when your name is talked about.

There was a SNS where users can feel free to post their message named “Monolog”.
Everyone was posting their daily life and their thought in digital form.
One day, there was a rumor about “Monolog” started being spread.

“There is a unknown account with character corruption…
If your name is talked about by that account ,you will die…”

Ehara Keishirou was studying at Satsukibashi High School.
One day, his classmate Tada Aiko told him that he was talked about by an unknown account at Monolog.
He didn’t care about it at that time, but what happened next was totally out of his expectation…

Basically the story goes as visual novel form.
Sometimes ,the system switches into dot part, and you can control the character to continue the story.

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