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Just Fishing İndir Yükle
20 Aralık 2017 tarihinde eklendi, 564 kez okundu.

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A game with stunning graphics, realistic physics and system of fish behavior, a wide selection of fishing gear, change the time of day, weather conditions affect the fish’s feeding behavior, all this and much more. Tournaments and competitions, teams and ratings, everything you require for a competitive experiance.
Join the ranks of fans of the game on Steam and compete within a single game universe where players from other platforms such as Win and Mac OS X await you.

  • Dozens of beautiful locations.
  • Hundreds of different species of fish.
  • Complete interesting quests.
  • Visit the many stunning lakes and rivers.
  • Compete in tournaments and matches.
  • Create or join a team.
  • And compete with other players for the best ranking and prizes

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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