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Jorge Aires Serisi İndir Yükle
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In the year 2027, the world is about to be dominated by a global corporation. Governments around the world are completely weakened. Five of them have signed a treaty to use their latest weapons: the Rogue Agents. The information agency of each country has chosen the best agent to eliminate 13 targets of the global corporation and prevent its advance. Agents are allowed to kill any other agent that could jeopardize the accomplishment of the real mission: conquer the world in favor of their own government.


  • 5 Agents : EUA, England, Russia, China and Brazil.
  • Players Combat Attributes : Accuracy, Evasion, Intelligence and Life Points.
  • 13 Missions Around the World : Abuja (Nigeria), Antananarivo (Madagascar), Bucharest (Romania), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Caracas (Venezuela), Doha (Qatar), Havana (Cuba), Hong Kong (China), Jerusalem (Israel), Kabul (Afghanistan), Marrakesh (Marocco), Mexico City (Mexico), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  • Turn-based Fast-paced Strategy and Combat.
  • Use only mouse.

In-Game Item Drops

Unique flags are dropping during your playtime (1 every half hour. Maximum 1 per week). Important Note: Those items have no value in-game and are tradeble/marketable.


Travel and eliminate all targets in cities around the world.

Two or more agents can choose the same mission. The combat will always be performed 1×1 and one attack per player on the current turn. The mission will be aborted for all agents who went into combat and both agents will travel back to the agency base.

If tree or five agent chose the same mission, the agent who traveled the longest distance between the previous location and the current mission location, will eliminate the target and successfully complete the mission.

Any agent will be disavowed if its life points hit zero or less. Each completed mission or disavowed agent in combat, you gain a rogue level and unlock a new perk to distribute the attributes.

Be the last alive in the world.

Good Luck Rogue Agents!

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