Joe and the Gun İndir Yükle

Joe and the Gun İndir Yükle
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Features of the game:

  • Joe can run a lot and shoot in 4 directions
  • Joe shoots as he runs.
  • A bullet fired by Joe can stop or change the direction of dangerous saws
  • Joe can restore health if he finds a first aid kit hidden in the enemy

Features of conducting a firefight:

You control Joe in 4 directions, dodge and shoot back from opponents. Saws are very dangerous and incredibly strong you can’t destroy them, but a bullet can stop them or change their direction. Opponents-bees, winter cactus and stun gun can be destroyed by shots.


Joe-lives at the North Pole and is fond of hunting, but one day aliens attack the earth and lock Joe in 4 four walls forcing him to fight with the most dangerous opponents. Joe must hold out in the makeshift arena until the entrance to the teleport is opened.

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