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In the country of fire called Garnett, there lived a beautiful princess with silver-hair and red-eyes. She was having such a lovely dream that she never wanted to wake up. This story opens with a young princess, who was previously a man.

Granted the name of a crystal, guarding the freedom of the people.
Granted the name of a sword, bearing the glory of the world.
Granted the name of a curse, bestowing justice upon all.
Granted the name of a noble, holding their destiny as brother and sister.
Granted the name of a normal person, a young man with untold courage.

The legend of three young people, the incarnations of fire. This is the beginning of their legendary epic that will be told by bards for generations!

With cooperation from 轻文轻小说, the first visual novel by Salvation "Cryste: the Faith of Fire Vol.1" has finally launched on Steam!

The Steam version comes with cloud support, achievements, badges, and trading cards.

The first title of Salvation from Salvation on Steam.

Come with Steam trading cards, badges and an extra chapter

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Mac OS X

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