James Town Courier Frog MD İndir Yükle

James Town Courier Frog MD İndir Yükle
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Welcome to James Town!

The Jungle driver is on drugs and is leaving packages in the wrong locations! It is up to Courier Frog MD to fix it. Using your Medical Degree, you must find the lost packages and deliver them!

James, grew up in James Town (no relation). One day he decided to become a doctor so that he could help people. He left his quiet little street to go and get a PhD as a medical doctor. He spent 8 years in medical school and aced all his exams. He then applied to the most prestigious hospitals and research facilities in the land. Astonishingly, he was told by every single one "You can’t work here, you are a frog!" Distraught, he returned home and ordered a package from Jungle delivery. Upon notification that his package was delivered, it quickly became apparent that it was not. He stood in the middle of the road… wondering how he could help people and fix his problems. Then he knew what he must do, he must find and deliver all lost packages for the rest of his life!

How to play:

Find a package (brown box, rectangular…) that has been misplaced in random locations throughout the town and deliver them to the glowing green orb marking the home of the packages owner.

See illustrations below.

Find a package

Deliver the package

Repeat as necessary for your own personal happiness.


Movement: WASD
Jump: Space
Sprint: Left-shick
Wave: Left-click
Backflip: E
Menu: Escape
Toggle Music: M

Xbox controller
Movement: Joysticks
Jump: A / 0
Sprint: L3 / 8
Quit: Back / 6

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