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Inzo İndir Yükle
18 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 65 kez okundu.

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Inzo. A puzzle solving, murder-mystery sleuthing, foul-mouthed adventure game. Climb the towers, solve the puzzles, collect the orbs, and escape from a nightmare world of non-sequiturs and unnecessary cursing.

Play as Geo – a well-bearded man who wants absolutely nothing to do with any of this silliness. As the lone, quiet voice of reason in an increasingly nonsensical world, Geo will have to learn to rely on, or at least tolerate, Inzo – an ageless, bodyless being of great annoyance.


  • 3-4 hours of puzzle solving gameplay!
  • A great soundtrack of completely royalty-free music (please don’t sue)!
  • A story that walks the fine line between humor and discomfort!
  • Terribly aged references!
  • Bulleted lists!

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