Interrogation Files: Port Landsend İndir Yükle

Interrogation Files: Port Landsend İndir Yükle
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►► A neighbor reports some damage to a house in the sleepy town of Port Landsend, suspecting a robbery. When a nearby police cruiser stops to investigate he finds a shocking discovery- bodies, mutilated in horrific ways. Who could have done something so vicious in this town? Five suspects are brought in for questioning and case just weirder and weirder. Odd things begin happening at the precinct during the interviews, and all of them seem to be hiding something. Despite the department’s best effort at getting a confession, the case turns cold over the years.

Now it’s your job to search through a new proprietary police database, to look for any overlooked clues in the interrogation footage and physical evidence in the case. Your investigation will take many twists and turns. The glitches are just because it’s a new database, right? The town’s shadows are long and dark. Shine a light on them. Welcome to the Interrogation Files.

✣ Five suspects
✣ Over four hours of interactive interrogation video
✣ 40+ pieces of Evidence to unlock
✣ Multiple video paths + endings
✣ Numerous other unlockables
✣ Colleagues keep in touch via Messenger
✣ Choose who you think committed the crime
✣ Watch them get arrested and go to trial

NOTE: All character names are fictitious. Those prone to epilepsy should use caution.

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