INMATE: Survival İndir Yükle

INMATE: Survival İndir Yükle
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Without more space in prisons, the Government decided to test a new system. Sentencing prisoners to the "Island". The prisoners should fight against each other and survive for the sentenced time to get out of it. The government will send airdrops to the island containing weapons and provisions, making the inmates fight for it, this way the government can test new weapons and technology.


Managing your health, hunger and thirst will be a constant.


You will have to fight other prisoners to stay alive.


Searching for food to stay alive will force you to hunt animals like Rabbits, Crabs, Fish or even Sharks.


Explore the island to find and raid other prisoner camps and steal their goods and weapons, or claim their base as yours.


Every day in the game a plane will fly the island and drop a container with special loot. Also searching the ocean and the shores will find you loot.


Crafting weapons, structures, traps, vehicles will be a constant part of your game experience.


Building a base for your protection will be super important.


Defend your base and goods from other prisoners.


Once your sentence is completed, a rescue point will be displayed on the map and you will be able to escape the island.

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