Infinite World: Randomize everything İndir Yükle

Infinite World: Randomize everything İndir Yükle
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Infinite World is a game aimed at freedom

Like Minecraft,the map is procedural random generated. but the unit of Minecraft is cube,Infinity World is voxel
so it is far more realistic than Minecraft, and every player will has a unique experience. and no border and limits for you create on the map

the fight system has lots of weapons to choose,and the battle system is super smooth, because Most NPCs use receiving attack force to react to a player’s attack(Real-time Physics Simulation)

you will not get tired of the map,because the scene use algorithm to generate all kinds of terrain like forest,grassland.hill,desert,lake.sea and so on,Nearly tens of billions of maps

The game has modes:
1.Infinite Killing Mode(new)
2.Relax mode
3.Survival mode
4.God mode
5.Dig mode

in infinite killing mode ,you can Kill zombies and robots without limits,Free to choose any weapon

in relax mode ,You can relax by listening to procedurally generated music(artificial intelligence[AI] music ,It’s always different when you enter the game. It doesn’t repeat for 24 hours),or run on the endless map. The mode has no tasks. no aim, just relax yourself。If you want to relax after work, it is the best mode

in survival mode, just like Minecraft or other survival game,but the map can generate huge robot at night ,and you can build robot army, its the different

in god mode, you can take a nice picture if you find a fantastic procedural scenery,and the resource is infinite, you can add log plank metal etc any number

in dig mode , you can Destroy the entire map by your pickaxe ,dig hole and explore, because whole map uses voxel to generate

this game used all kinds of cutting-edge technology and may have many bugs and annoying settings, if you meet error and annoying bugs,please tell VicX Studio,VicX Studio will fix it as soon as possible.

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