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Tren0 is an indie pixel game developed with RPG Maker.
It is a story based game that contains puzzle-solving and exploring elements.


Five passengers with different backgrounds, different identities, and different ages are trapped on a mysterious train heading to an unknown destination.

The protagonist——You, a white-haired man claiming to be an examiner.
Schoolgirl——HAYANO Risa, a quiet black-haired student who always has a book in her hands.
Boy——Clarence, a young detective from Europe, who actively investigates the train.
Nun——Milla, a pious sister who never seizes to be kind and optimistic.
Noble——Rafael Adelaide, a tall, blond man in an exquisite suit, who is untamed and demanding.
White-collar——Lingshan Yang , a professionally dressed red-haired woman with a clear-cut style.


  • 6 hours of gameplay.(excluding puzzles)
  • Single storyline, no need to re-play.
  • Acclaimed original soundtrack that closely ties to the story.
  • Automatically saved.
  • Contains massive conversations, little reasoning and some puzzle games.
  • Contains horror, mystery, and surrealism elements.
  • Puzzle games are rather difficult.
  • Some of the scenes are rather dark.
  • DLC in progress.

English version coming in late 2018 !!!

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