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Idle System, Inc. Serisi İndir Yükle
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Japanese Anime Incremental Idle RPG!
We reached one million plays on Kongregate and now release on Steam!


Various Upgrades:
Generate three different resources more efficiently!
Attractive Skills:
The three cute characters have various attractive skills! Spend resources on them to be more strong! You can put any skill in the skill slot and build your own skill set!
Vast Explorable Areas:
Journey through the world and encounter all kinds of monsters that will do all that they can to end you quickly. Overcome the obstacles and you will unlock new areas to explore!
Kill monsters, collect materials and make a lot of equipment! You can also create various potions with alchemy!
You can rebirth into a new class! Rebirth is a prestige mechanic that provides you access to powerful upgrades that will increase your overall power and how quickly you are able to progress through the game!
Boss Battle:
Powerful monsters stand in your way. You have to develop a plan to defeat them with your skills and equipment!

There are many more Incremental elements in the game. As the game progresses, more and more contents will be unlocked!


Mouse click to play!
Upgrades unlock as you progress. Make sure to read the tool-tips for more info or refer to the in-game help found in the System menu.


– "Shift-L” to enable/disable Loot Logs
– “Shift-P” to turn on/off Performance Mode
– “Shift-T” to enable/disable all Tool-tips
– “Shift-B” to enable/disable all attack animations in the battle field

We are Japanese game developer team Hapiwaku Project!
Hapiwaku means "Happy and Excited" in Japanese.
We hope you are so happy and excited through playing IEH!
We are very small team. The developers are only 2 university students.
Most of the art work in the game are drawn by my 13-year-old daughter.
We write the stories behind the development on our website 🙂

Discord Community
Our another game "Incremental Epic Breakers"

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