Idle Monkeylogy İndir Yükle

Idle Monkeylogy İndir Yükle
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Idle Monkeylogy is a clicker-idle game that is based on The infinite monkey theorem in which a monkey infinitely types the keyboard randomly to complete Shakespeare’s work.


Type as monkeys do!
You have to type randomly to complete the word! And later, you will be able to make the monkeys type!

Fruits Gathering
As monkeys type they get hungry. Shake the tree to get some apples!
You need enormous amount of apples for typing a lot.

Various upgrade for monkeys for better income!
Later, it will also make monkeys type automatically so let’s get more and more words!

[Making a dictionary]
You can make a dictionary made of words you and monkeys completed!

You start the game from beginning with a lot of new upgrades!

Make your monkeys grow and challenge the sentences with too many letters!
Try how strong your monkeys are!


You can play all the contents with only a mouse click, but there are some hotkeys for this game.
– "Any key" to type randomly
– "Space" to go ahead a next word
– Hold down the upgrade button to buy it continuously!

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