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i wanna be the Creator İndir Yükle
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This is a simple platform jumping game, It’s similar to [i wanna].
Unique is that the level inside will be created by players together.

The game part —
There are 38 official checkpoints, which are divided into three chapters (each chapter includes six general checkpoints, three pit-to-pit checkpoints, three challenge checkpoints) and two special checkpoints.
In addition to the official checkpoint, there are currently more than 60 levels created by players (October 1, 2018 Statistics).

Level editor —
Using it, you can easily create all kinds of checkpoints. In addition to basic object placement, you can also modify object properties, adjust game parameters, import external pictures and music, implement game logic through triggers, etc. (You can even make games other than platform jump types if you know more about triggers).

— server —
After connecting to the server, you can upload self-made checkpoints, download checkpoints made by players, leave messages to other players in the game, challenge world record images and so on.

Online —
At present, the game supports local online and LAN connections. You can play with your friends.
LAN connection is still in the testing stage, and may encounter more BUG in the process of use.

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