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I ♥ You! İndir Yükle
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There once lived a programmer, a real genius one. He didn’t live too long, though: the world’s imperfections made the genius soul-sick, to the point when one rainy day he took his life. All that was left from him were his small apartment with a game disk inside – the game was a visual novel about a virtual girl. This girl, Cassiopea, was an embodiment of its creators dream: she was pure and immaculate, ready to carefully listen to everything that the player says and fully trusted them.
It is a quite short visual novel, which tells us a story about one program which is a visual novel. This novel, created by the programming genius, was taught by players who played it around the world. Only the players themselves could teach it how to act when it becomes superintelligent, and in the hour of need, it will be able to decide the fate of humanity

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