Hop Step Sing! VR Live 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》 İndir Yükle

Hop Step Sing! VR Live 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》 İndir Yükle
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【Hop Step Sing! VR Live 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》】

Hop Step Sing!’s first VR live performance, 《Hop★Summer Tour 2020》, which was held in Japan in October 2020 and later expanded to Greater China and North America, is now available worldwide!

It’s a 360-degree immersive live concert experience for VR goggles users. Niina, Shikiri, and Mikasa will be singing a total of 6 songs from their debut song 《Kisekiteki Shining! 》 to their latest song 《Astral Piece》 on the new stage with their new costumes! You can cheer on the idols from any angle and distance you like! English and Chinese language support and Romanji Karaoke system incorporated! What’s more surprising is the voice actresses will come to the stage as special guests! Come to experience and enjoy the ever-hottest stage of Hop Step Sing!

【About Hop Step Sing!】
A coming-of-age success story of three girls who aim to reach the pinnacle of the idol world using VR technology. Since 2017, they have been active in various media, including the release of a total of 5 VR music videos, Nico Nico Live Stream program 《Hop Nama》, and series of comics.

Niina Nijikawa: Maria Sashide
Shikiri Shiishiba: Mariko Toribe
Mikasa Minowa: Natsumi Hioka

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