Homeward Duck İndir Yükle

Homeward Duck İndir Yükle
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How to Play:
Start off by using one of the VR controller’s trigger buttons to grab the bread bag using your giant alien hand, then use your other hand (the other controller’s trigger button) to grab bread crumbs and throw or place them by releasing the trigger. The ducks will then move toward the bread crumbs. Your mission is to lead them home to Earth.

Play time is around 5-10 minutes depending on your breadcrumb space charting skills.

*Herding ducks… in space… in VR!
*3 different "galaxies" (levels) to guide your ducks through.
*Pelt fox spaceships with breadcrumbs — or swat them away like flies!
*Watch out for black holes.
*Short alien mode (designed for kids, but fun for adults too)

Programming: Ben Benjamin, Dan Colman, Carl Larsson, Wyatt Strain, Nathan Tullis
Art: Ben Mears, Ivo van Roij
Sound: Will van Boldrik
Voice Acting: Sara Mears
Music: Alex Cap
Duck by Google Poly (CC-BY)

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