Homeland: Lay to Rest İndir Yükle

Homeland: Lay to Rest İndir Yükle
19 Eylül 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 7 kez okundu.

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Homeland: Lay to Rest is a short third person action-adventure game about a monk disciple who fights corrupted guardians with a chakram–a thrown, homing, circular blade–to redeem their overrun childhood home. Journey through the remains of The Disciple’s lost underground home and relive painful and joyful memories alike as you fight to purge the source of the corruption.

Thrilling Combat: Fight through hordes of corrupted golems with your fists and trusty chakram. Jump into slow motion, lock on to enemies, and release your chakram to break them down. Dodge away from their fierce attacks as you perfect your combat flow.

Dynamic Traversal: Using the chakram as a mythic grappling hook, pull yourself over endless chasms, through vast and crumbling city remains, and into the heart of the corruption. Fling yourself to vantage points that unveil hidden areas and paths.

Environmental Storytelling: Uncover the secrets of the monk’s homeland, and find out exactly what happened to corrupt the caves through the ghosts that linger in the darkness. Check out every nook and cranny of the large frozen caves, and learn about this lost–but not forgotten–culture.

Beautiful Visuals and Soundtrack: With a distinct artistic style, take in the majesty of the homeland’s caves and abandoned buildings while listening to atmospheric, dynamic, and immersive music.

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