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HOLONGLIDE is Casual yet Challenging Platformer. The aim of HOLONGLIDE is to test the player’s problem solving skills, muscle memory and finger dexterity.
Featuring over 90 LEVELS and an ADVANCED DIFFICULTY mode.


HOLONGLIDE is comprised 6 Phases, each made up of 15 levels.

Each Phase grants the player another dimension of control over the Icon. Thus increasing complexity and difficulty as you progress.

  • Phase 1 Jump
  • Phase 2 Wall Jump
  • Phase 3 Double Jump
  • Phase 4 Halt Motion
  • Phase 5 Speed Boost
  • Phase 6 Reverse Direction

Unlock Phases

In order to unlock Phases players must complete all 15 levels of the previous phase consecutively.


Full Run

Full Run Mode allows a player to attempt to pass all levels of a Phase sequentially. Full Run Mode is necessary to unlock the following Phase

Practice Mode

Practice Mode allows a player to practice a specific level as many times as they wish without consequence, but in order to advance
to the next levels a player must pass the level during a Full Run

Auto Start Mode

Auto Start Mode is an increased difficulty mode that can be applied to completed phases. Auto Start Mode removes the pause between levels. Giving the player less time to mentally prepare for the next level.

Full Full Run Mode

Full Full Run Mode allows a player to attempt all 90 levels sequentially rather than 15 at a time. Auto Start Mode can also be applied to Full Full Run Mode


HOLONGLIDE has been in development over the past year. In this time we have made many revisions to control scheme, difficulty and level design and are now proud to present a final version of the game.


HOLONGLIDE runs at 60FPS at a resolution of 1600 x 900

Full Controller Support and Keyboard


Although we do not expect any. We will always be available to fix bugs as they are reported.


Divisive Software is always open to criticism and we take our players feedback seriously. That being said please leave a review or email us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you


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