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Offendron Warrior is a retro arcade that combines shooting and defense, inspired by Williams Electronics’ 1981 classic ‘Defender’.

Your objective is saving Offendron civilians in the planets from the group of enemies, who are trying to spread a virus that turns Offendrons into mindless killing machines and eventually destroy the whole planet.

Each planet has 10 civilians. If you managed to save all of them from 4 waves of attack, you’ll go to the space and fight with lots of enemy fighters. After that, you’ll jump to another planet to save another 10 civilians. But if you lost all civilians, you’ll have to prepare a hopeless survival from your infected friends in space!

Offendron Warriors can transform into Interceptor or Offender. In Interceptor mode, you can fly very quickly to save Offendrons or fight with enemy fighters. In Offender mode, your thrust speed significantly decreases but you can fire your laser much faster and you can fly up or down much quicker. (Manually pressing the button fires the laser faster than just holding it.) Offender mode is recommended for fighting with large amount of enemies or doing preciser movements.

You can also use Smart-missiles and Hyperspace jump. Smart-missiles automically searches and destroys the targets, and Hyperspace jump allows you to jump half-length of the map to escape from dangerous situations. But don’t overuse it, or you’ll might destroy yourself!


Somewhere in the space, there were robotic aliens called "Offendrons". They attacked and colonized other planets to get the energy source they need for living.

In the year 3045, Offendrons has arrived at the Solar System and invaded the Earth, to build their 255th colony. Within a year the Earth had successfully taken by Offendrons.

However, the mankind didn’t give up. Some people escaped to the base on Mars and developed a virus that turns Offendrons into a brainless killing machines that can only think about destroying other Offendrons.

3 years later, humans started their revenge with countless amount of war drones and space fighters. When the fate of Offendrons came to a crisis, the Offendron Warriors—those who are capable of greater firepower and transformation for various combat situations—has appeared to save their own kinds.


  • Fast-phased arcade gameplay featuring seamlessly wrapped field and intense actions
  • Extremely hard, yet forgiving difficulty with generous amounts of bonus lives
  • Classic and simple controls for both experienced Defender players and novices
  • Online scoreboard
  • Full controller support

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