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Hell Girls İndir Yükle
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Hell Girls is a unique puzzle RPG that prioritizes match3 strategy over speed. Fight monsters with diverse characters that have unique fighting skills based on their personalities. With anime inspired artwork, each character has loads of cute and sexy outfits. Hell Girls blends addictive gameplay with immersive roleplaying and story.


Three mysterious families are blessed by gods and they give birth to a girl with super power of fire, ice and thunder every century.
Their super power is unknown to others, but they will be called by gods to go to another world and wipe out hell monsters damaging the world after they grow up.
Therefore, they are also called hell girls.

Features of the game:

It integrates gal game, gem drops and RPG.
Each character has lots of cute and sexy clothes.
Each character owns her unique and various fighting skills.
The result of fighting depends on removing skills rather than speed.

Acknowledgments SURIYUN、Shop3DSA、RedPanda、Nagisa.F help me in the art, music production.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X

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