Happy Empire – A Bouquet for the Princess İndir Yükle

Happy Empire – A Bouquet for the Princess İndir Yükle
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We are proud to present our new game, into which we have put all our love for games and emotions – Happy Empire – A Bouquet for the Princess.

In this game, three princes compete for the hand and heart of a beautiful Princess Leya. After having surmounted many obstacles, she regained her Happy Empire and now sits on its throne. But sadness and loneliness reign in her heart. To win her love, the princes will have to make a journey and find rare flowers to make a charming bouquet of flowers from around the world. They will face a lot of challenges and obstacles on their way.

Will the princes have to help one another, or will they become enemies? Will they choose a dangerous way and collect the rarest flowers or take a short cut? What bouquet will the Princess get? It’s all up to you!

More About the Game:

  • Catchy colorful graphics
  • Charismatic characters!!!
  • Game as part of a big story with rich storyline
  • 4 amazing worlds to visit
  • 71 challenging achievements
  • 81 unique levels

This game will touch feeling of both boys and girls. Romance and challenges are intertwined in a single story of the Bouquet for the Princess game. Prove that Princess is worthy of a great and heartwarming feeling! Help princes in their challenging search and struggle for Princess Leya’s heart!

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