Handsome Mr. Frog İndir Yükle

Handsome Mr. Frog İndir Yükle
2 Aralık 2017 tarihinde eklendi, 377 kez okundu.

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A Game by @CowboyColor

Handsome Mr. Frog, whose hat was jacked by a bunch of no good, less attractive normies, sets out on a new-school arcade adventure through four worlds in order to get his steez back.

Lick enemies, hold them in your mouth, and spit them at their ugly friends.

Battle through 4 Extremely good looking worlds, and over 35 levels!

Collect 64 stylish outfits to prove your handsomeness.

Compete for the handsome-est score on the Steam Leaderboard!

Steam trading cards.

Controller support.

Very handsome original chiptune soundtrack by @zbwmusic

Stay handsome!

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