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Hack Grid İndir Yükle
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Only one piece must remain!

What is Hack Grid?

Hack Grid is a hacking-themed puzzle game and love letter to the retro charm of DOS gaming, both in visuals and audio!
Dive back into the 80’s and become a hacker!

How to play

Each piece is unique, and has its own set of rules; some move, some change color, some absorb other pieces, and others can become obstacles and get in your way! It’s up to you to solve each grid’s puzzle by moving the pieces until there’s only one left on the board.

Old-school audio!

Hack Grid emulates the iconic Sound Blaster 16 audio that all DOS gamers know and love.


– 60 levels with increasing difficulty

– Speedrun mode with built-in timer
– In-game jukebox. Choose which songs from the retro soundtrack you want to hear.
– Colorblind support
– Mouse only controls, with re-bindable hotkeys
– Not a fan of the CRT-look? Turn it off!
– 8 languages available (Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Hindi, Russian and Spanish)

Can you become a master hacker? It’s time to find out! Just remember – only one piece must remain!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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