GTGD S1: More Than a Gamer İndir Yükle

GTGD S1: More Than a Gamer İndir Yükle
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Welcome to the new GTGD S1, a Unity 2017 multiplayer tutorial for game developers. This training course is of intermediate difficulty so you should first be familiar with the basics of coding in Unity. This tutorial will teach you the key elements of the Unity 2017 multiplayer system (sometimes called UNET).

The new S1 is only available on Steam, and only the first two videos are available on my YouTube channel. I’ve made the new S1 a lot more concise than the old one and I cover everything in less than four hours.

From this tutorial series you will learn:

  • How to use the default Network Manager to create Direct Connection (LAN Games) and Match Maker (Public internet games). Note that Unity’s match making service is a paid service and once a developer exceeds the free concurrent user count, the developer has to pay for additional concurrent users.
  • How to write your own Custom Network Manager so you are not reliant on the default HUD and Network Manager. You will create Direct Connection and Match Maker (Public) games.
  • Enable your Custom Network Manager to allow for multiple player prefabs and being able to select scenes.
  • How to use Commands, ClientRPC, and Syncvar with hook function.
  • How to use the Network Transform and Network Animator components.
  • How to sync fundamental game mechanics such as; shooting, health and damage.
  • How to implement network chatting.
  • How to implement networked AI movement.

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