Grizzland İndir Yükle

Grizzland İndir Yükle
20 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 94 kez okundu.

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Grizzland is a platformer about fighting Dinos and exploring the land. It creates numerous possibilities in a limited environment. A resolution of 128×96 pixels and merely 5 colours are the heart and soul of this planet!

In Grizzland, you will find:

A true open-world setting.

The areas you unlock are yours forever. Feel free to walk from one to another without facing any loading screens!

Old-school Quests with no pointers.

Remember, when you actually had to read quests and use your brain to understand what to do? When quests had a meaning for the game world and its inhabitants? Welcome back!

An opportunity for genuine Exploration.

Many places on Grizzland are completely optional. If you are up for a journey, the darkest corners are waiting for you!

Secret areas.

The secrets in Grizzland are not there just to give you an achievement. They immerse you into the game’s world and tell you the story about its creation.

Various Skills, Items and Passive abilities.

The Items you obtain are vital for your progress in this Universe. They are so important that you can’t even jump without one of them!

Unique opponents and epic battles.

You will remember the "Dog" for a long time, guaranteed.

A real human being behind the screen.

Hi! I am Khud0, and I made this game. I am always open for your ideas and ready to fix the bugs!

Are you still reading this? In that case, you and Grizzland are a perfect match!
See you in the game!

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