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Green Cat İndir Yükle
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Green Cat is a dynamic platformer with infinitely generated levels. You will face a variety of obstacles and enemies on your way to the victory. Everything will depend on your skill and experience!

Realm the protagonist exists inis an endless travelling upon the generated blocks. Each time you are offered a new scenario. You will have to make your decisions quickly! Be ready for traps, mines, space jellies and kamikazedogs on your way through. And only Octopus the Seller will help you in this incredibly challenging adventure. Prove your supremacy in chasing the infinity!

Key features:

• palette of 20 colours
• smooth animation of the characters
• endless journey
• variety of traps
• Octopus the Seller
• lots of fun and deaths

And now there is something interesting for every Steam user!

• more than 100 achievements
• affordable price

Good luck and be happy!

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