Greedy Dungeon İndir Yükle

Greedy Dungeon İndir Yükle
22 Ağustos 2020 tarihinde eklendi, 12 kez okundu.

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Greedy Dungeon is a Deck-Building Roguelike game that you have to build a deck with your playstyle and embark upon a random-generated-dungeon swarming with dangers and favors. Your greed won’t punish you, perhaps sometimes would.



that gives you a huge amount of replayability, every run is a different experience from before.


Building your deck with your own playstyle, 36 unique cards, and 7 dungeon cards can be acquired throughout the game. Cards can be bought from the store in the game, there are no card packs and THERE’S NO IN-GAME PURCHASES.

Smithing System

Instead of using better cards, you can use older cards and upgrade them and make them better. Cards are better with higher levels and with BETTER EQUIPMENT! This game’s not only a card game but works like an RPG as well, you can smith your equipment to higher stats, and the card will scale with those stats as well. More starting mana, and more starting hand cards, and higher damage or block.

Relic System

15 Relics for you to play with. Once you reached the max rank, you can unlock the relic system. Relics will be your best friend to utilize the deck your build. Every relic has a unique effect to build with.

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