Gravity Sketch VR İndir Yükle

Gravity Sketch VR İndir Yükle
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Gravity Sketch is an immersive 3D creation tool. You can create detailed professional grade 3D models, scenes, and artwork in a fast, intuitive way! From idea conception, design directly in 3D and take your models out of the scene into another design tool, CAD software, game engine, or 3D print platform. Upload your creations directly from the app to the cloud and share with others in a matter of seconds. Gravity Sketch will change your design workflow and the way you share 3D content.

Basic (One time purchase) Features: (Not for commercial use)

– Free 3D and straight-line strokes
– Revolved surfaces
– Planar surfaces
– Curved surfaces
– Sketch on surfaces
– Copy and Paste a geometry
– Symmetry
– Scale up and down the entire sketch as well as individual strokes or group of strokes.
– Import 3D models and manipulate
– Export as .OBJ
– 4 Layers
– 3D grid
– Control Point Snapping
– Left Handed Setting
– Leap Motion Mode (BETA)
– 4 Environments (Light,Dark,Warehouse,HDR)

Pro Subscription Features: commercial use of freelancers and small independent studios.

– Core Features
– Export as .iges
– 12 Layers
– Custom environments (coming soon)
– Export as .fbx (coming soon)

Studio Subscription Features: Commercial use for SMEs and mid sized studios that make more than $100k USD a year.

– Gravity Sketch Import Plugin for Rhino (BETA)
– Pro Features (coming soon)

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