Goddess Of Card War İndir Yükle

Goddess Of Card War İndir Yükle
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【Game Introduction】
"Goddess of Card War" is a card game with classical Chinese graphics. Each card has different skills and attributes. Players need to collect more cards to grow their team.
【Game Operation】
Arrange the position of the cards by dragging with the mouse, and the reasonable combination of formation and different cards can exert the greatest power.

[Card Introduction]
Power attack type: powerful melee attack ability.
Agile: fast attack speed, and has a higher critical strike rate and dodge rate.
Defensive type: has a higher vitality and a higher defense.
Magic type: has a powerful long-range attack power and a wide range of magic skills.
Auxiliary type: can restore life, can also add card attributes.

【Game Settings】
Level: Each card can gain experience points through battle, and the experience points can be upgraded to a certain level. After the level is increased, the attributes of the card will increase.
Quality: Each card can be improved in quality. After the quality is improved, the attributes will be improved and passive skills will be obtained.
Equipment: Each card can be equipped with different weapons and armors. Weapons and armors can also be enhanced and improved in quality.

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