GOD OF FLAME İndir Yükle

GOD OF FLAME İndir Yükle
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When people demons that tire, the Buddha lad with sword snow nameless, opened the gate seal, the legendary "thin, ma finally opened a mysterious veil in the plight, magic fire raging, numbered, plight QunXia is threatened by its word nothing when god forgive born at the same time open, ma in part three pioneer general, brought in wulin blood, kill again BingXian thin place fire ravaged wulin, tao jian high-handed to stand up, the city of rival st gas flame in the underworld offensive intrepid man at the same time, the central plains of internal strife Immediately from the height of this gun, an erhu sound goes from this gun. A feather man goes from this gun with a legendary god’s sword in his hand and sobs from heaven. The white-haired sword appeared in the moonlight, stepping out of the vitality of the martial arts

《GOD OF FIAME》 is a large-scale 3D MMORPG multiplayer online game. The battle mode adopts the most popular real-time battle mode, which creates an extremely wonderful adventure experience of the fantasy world view for the players. The game screen adopts the 3D graphics engine independently developed, constructs the game logic framework, and presents the game world more truly to the players in the way of 3D graphics through the input operation with the users and the interaction with the server.

The core content of the game will focus on guild organization construction, replica level exploration, large-scale siege PVP, battlefield arena and other forms. Users will continuously improve their sense of achievement and satisfaction through daily exploration, brush and accumulation. Users mainly pursue: skills, equipment, title achievement, guild development, territory competition, PK honor, pets, etc. Through the accumulation of time, users find their own way of survival in the game, and refine the interaction between players, such as chat, cooperation, trading, fighting, etc. The game process is smooth, the fighting process is crisp, the picture effect is dazzling, and it’s easy to start. The advanced system has certain research and exploration space to reduce the system’s restrictions on users, so that each type of players can find their own game mode, and constantly seek higher challenges.

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