Glitch Pets İndir Yükle

Glitch Pets İndir Yükle
14 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 16 kez okundu.

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you may need to uninstall the game / reinstall it after purchasing the Soundtrack.
Then, after reinstalling, the music files will appear in your steam directory in the GlitchPets folder.

Or, you made need to right click on the game in your steam library, click properties, click DLC, check and uncheck the soundtrack box. This may apply when trying to get any updates to the soundtrack.

More Tracks Will Be Added.

Music Tracks From Glitch Pets
1. Dexano
2. Plaunce
3. Ohay
4. Kitfreeze
5. Drops
6. Sinister 16
7. Twosynth
8. Rule of Three
9. Space Anomlay
10. Tine
11. Glid 1.2 Project
12. Kasull District
13. Zaaz 4x5g
14. Harvest Drone

.wav format


Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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