Give It Up! Plus / 永不言弃 PLUS İndir Yükle

Give It Up! Plus / 永不言弃 PLUS İndir Yükle
13 Ekim 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 55 kez okundu.

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The two popular mobile game Give It Up! and Give It Up! 2 have been added together to form a new title specifically made for the PC. In Give It Up! Plus, you are playing with Blob, cheerfully singing and bouncing trough unforgiving stages without stopping. Jump with the rhythm of the music to avoid the spikes, steps and other crazy obstacles.


Conquer over 60 challenging stages. Play on any of the classic levels or try out the multi layered tracks from Give It Up! 2. Choose your own path carefully among the multiple difficulty tiers. Aim higher for the most challenge and discover the hidden areas for extra rewards. Test your skills on the Daily Challenge that changes every day.


Select the music you want to bounce to from the 18 original songs. Featuring interactive multi-layered soundtrack that transforms dynamically during the game. Including songs from the other four Give It Up! games.

PC specific features

Experience the needle sharp 4K graphics redrawn from scratch. Full controller support for those who want to lean back and play. Mouse and customizable keyboard controls. Adjusted UI for the big picture. Options screen!


Play with any of the adorable black blobs and slimes. Many of them have unique moans and shouts. Collect coins from the Daily Challenge then spin the blob machine to get one. You can even craft your favorite character from blob tokens.

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