GashiShachiNoSachi 餓史シャチの幸 İndir Yükle

GashiShachiNoSachi 餓史シャチの幸 İndir Yükle
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This game is browsing the internet for pages that don’t exist, starting with the mysterious homepage "餓史シャチの幸(GashiShachiNoSachi)".

When you start the game, you will see a screen that looks like an operating system with sound effects. First, try logging in and launching your browser.
Browsers come with back, forward, refresh, and home buttons that are useful for browsing.
You can jump directly to a page by entering the URL in the address field and clicking the Go button.

On some pages, objects can be got by clicking on them.
The object you get will be displayed in the eyedropper field of the browser.
The object can be attached to a some object, and if the content of the attachment is correct, an event will occur.
When the event occurs, you can go to another link.

Enjoy surfing the net.

: The screen size is only 1024*768 window.

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